Growing up in Adelaide, South Australia I always knew I wanted to become a journalist. From the moment I picked up my mum’s Woman’s Day magazine and read that Geminis make great storytellers, I knew.

My journey began age 16 at a local street press newspaper called Rip It Up. It gave me a taste for the craft. I got addicted to the sheer excitement of seeing my name in print. From there I continued contributing to as many media sources as I could, dedicating all the free time I had to attending events, store openings and writing reviews and general fashion advice (at 16 my advice was sometimes questionable, but published nonetheless).

I completed my Bachelor of Journalism at the University of South Australia in 2012. Whilst completing an internship at Channel 7 – my eyes were opened to the world of broadcast journalism. I fell in love instantly.

After a few years of travel, friends and fun – it was time to get serious. Not in my wildest dreams did I think my journey would see me move to another country.

I moved to Christchurch, New Zealand in May 2015 and this is where my love for the profession evolved. I began to realise journalism is much more than reading your name in print, watching yourself on television and listening to your voice on a live broadcast. It’s about meeting people – people from all walks of life. From ex-criminals and drug addicts to politicians and CEOs – I learnt I had a knack for communicating with people and telling their stories.

It lead me to my current role at NewstalkZB, a part of one of the country’s biggest multi-media organisations, NZME. I’m now at a place where my skills are unparalleled to when I first started. My on-air presence has transformed into an authoritative, confident voice bringing listeners the latest in news and current affairs both in Canterbury and nation-wide. My time at NewstalkZB has seen me break stories, offer on-air analysis of trending news topics and cover some of the country’s biggest stories, everything from murder trials to natural disasters.

You can hear and see my work on this website by clicking the online, print, radio and television tabs above.


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